Promotional Bonus

General Terms and Conditions
Promotional Bonus General Terms and Conditions

  1. All deposits and promotional bonuses are subject to management approval. DealerSportsBook deserves the right to accept, deny, or reverse any deposit.
  2. Bonus promotions are only valid for clients over 18 years of age who have an active DealerSportsBook account.
  3. Management of DealerSportsBook reserves the right to re-validate any player account at any time if abuse of any Bonus promotion incentive is in question. Re-validation is entirely at Managements discretion. No reasons need to be provided. Management may or may not ask for more verification information if deemed necessary. Management reserves the right to terminate any account at any time while reviewing account holder information. 
  4. All promotional bonuses are subject to the contribution table percentage and must meet the necessary rollover amount before any funds can be withdrawn.
  5. A bitcoin deposit for any promotion will be on a 10 day pending verification hold. A credit card deposit will be on a 60 day pending verification hold.
  6. All promotional bonuses will expire after 14 days of accepting the bonus offer if not wagered in its entirety toward contribution table or rollover amount.
  7. Multiple promotion bonuses redeemed with the same payment method by funding numerous accounts will result in immediate termination of all accounts. THE DEPOSIT AMOUNT AND ALL WINNINGS RELATED TO THE DEPOSIT, INCLUDING ANY WINNINGS RELATED TO THE PROMOTIONAL BONUS, WILL BE FORFEITED. In short, the same credit card or bank account CANNOT be used by more than one player.
  8. Credit cards from a third party are not accepted in any DealerSportsBook member account.
  9. DealerSportsBook will use their efforts to determine if all accounts are eligible. Managements decisions to determine eligibility will be final DealerSportsBook reserves the right to withdraw the offer's availability at any time at their sole and absolute discretion. Any attempt to manipulate or circumvent any promotional bonus rules will result in disqualification from the program and possible termination of your account.
  10. The House Deposit and Promotional Bonus Rules will supersede any verbal or written offer made my a DealerSportsBook employee.
  11. Promotional bonus requirements are in place to ensure there is no criminal misuse of this bonus promotion. ONCE AGAIN, ANY MISUSE WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF CURRENT CASH BONUS AND CAN LEAD TO TERMINATION OF THE PROMOTIONAL BONUS PROGRAM PRIVILEGE and TERMINATION OF THE DealerSportsBook ACCOUNT.
  12. DealerSportsBook is not responsible for deposits made without going directly through the Cashier. DealerSportsBook Promotional Bonuses will not add promotional bonuses to a player's account in this case for any reason.
  13. If funds are credited to a customer's account in error, it is incumbent upon that customer to notify DealerSportsBook of the error without delay. DealerSportsBook reserves the right to cancel any pending wagers for accounts with negative balances, whether or not the customer placed those wagers with funds resulting from the error.
  14. DealerSportsBook cannot be held liable for any wagers related to a promotional bonus missed due to a delayed deposit or grading issue, stemming from a transaction error or a third-party processor.
  15. The availability of all promotional bonus deposit methods is subject to change without prior notice.