Terms and Conditions

MNF Get OUT! Terms and Conditions

  1. Deposit a minimum of $100 and Click on the “Red Bonus” button to claim your 300% Free play Match.
  2. The Maximum Deposit of $500 will allow a total of $1500 in Free Play or a 300% Match.
  3. There is a 5x Rollover for this Promotion (MNF Get OUT!).
  4. All sports Wagers receive 100% Contribution toward the Rollover. Casino, Racebook, and all 3rd party applications do not apply toward Rollover.
  5. Wagers are allowed in the Sportsbook only but apply to all Sports wagers except the 3rd Party Live Wagering. The Total Rollover Amount is equal to the Deposit plus the Free Play Amount, multiplied by the 5x Rollover. ( Deposit + Match amount (300%) times (5X) Rollover number. (E.g., Deposit of $500 + $1500 (300% Match) x 5 (rollover multiplier) = $10,000 Total Rollover.)
  6. All Free Play winnings will be added to the deposit amount and multiplied by the 5x Rollover multiplier for the Total Rollover Amount.
  8. You cannot withdraw until you have wagered an amount equal to or greater than the Total Rollover. Free Play has a 0% Contribution toward the Rollover and must be wagered in its entirety.
  9. Free Play cannot be wagered in the Casino or Racebook, Poker, and, as stated above, is not available with any 3rd party application such as Live Wagering.
  10. The lesser of the “Risk or Win” amount is placed against the Rollover. All Favorites will use the win amount toward the Rollover. All underdogs will use the Risk amount towards the Rollover.
  11. All Free Play will Expire if not wagered in 14 days.
  12. DEALERSPORTSBOOK reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time.
  13. Please review the General Terms and Conditions for all Bonuses as they will apply to this Promotion.
  14. Fees are NOT included in the $100 minimum. (Example: $100 Deposit, $3 fee, you must send/pay $103, to redeem the bonus)
  15. This bonus can only be redeemed once.